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In a Nutshell...

Hey there, I'm Catrina, but you can call me Cat. Currently I work with Just Eat + SkipTheDishes Canada as the Creative Manager, lead designer and food photographer.

My focuses: Managing and overseeing creative, print and out-of-home media, digital advertising, illustration, photography, UI/UX, videography and all things typographic. As a freelance designer, I work on branding, illustration, handmade typography, stationery, and other print related projects.

Prior to Design -

Prior to considering design as a career, I studied both culinary arts, and interior decorating at Humber College. I Then interned with Chatelaine Magazine where I worked on prop styling for photo sets and a number of handmade projects (some of which published and showcased on Cityline).

Soon after, I began spending a significant amount of time watching software tutorials and reading graphic design books. Sometime between lugging pumpkins around for a photo shoot, and designing a fictional magazine, I realized that graphic design was where my mind belonged and heart desired.

Today -

Since then, I've received my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design, worked with start-ups, agencies and launched a freelance business. Some companies I have been/am employed with - Idea Couture, Hudson's Bay Company, Just Eat, SkipTheDishes and cofounded an e-juice company, Tempest E-Juice.

Partners I've worked with - Pattison Outdoor, TIFF, Astral Media, Toronto Blue Jays, Snapchat, CHL, Johnson & Johnson, CARA Brands, Isobar, The Score, Leo Burnett, Captivate, and independant restaurants across Canada.

Thanks for getting to know me, let's work together!

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