My passion for design -

Hi there! I'm Catrina, but you can call me Cat. Currently I am working with Just Eat Canada as a graphic designer, food photographer and lead of creative for Canada.
My design work focuses on print media, illustration, photography, UI/UX, and all things typographic. 
As a freelance designer, I work on branding, handmade typography, stationery, and other print related projects. On this site, I share some of my work, personal projects, and little bits of my life.

Prior to design -

Prior to considering design as a career, I studied both culinary arts, and interior decorating at Humber College. I mastered the art of baking a crème brûlée, and perfected my drafting skills. The summer upon graduating, I landed an internship with Chatelaine Magazine. I worked on prop styling, photo sets and a number of handmade projects (some of which were published and showcased on Cityline!). It was great experience and remarkable exposure, but I constantly found myself eager to take part in designing the magazine layouts instead.
Soon after, I found myself spending a significant amount of time watching software tutorials and reading graphic design books. It was sometime between lugging pumpkins around for a photo shoot, and designing a fictional magazine, when I realized, graphic design is where my mind belonged and heart desired.
Today -
Since then, I have received my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design, worked with creative agencies, start-ups and launched a freelance business. Some companies I have/am employed with - Idea Couture, Hudson's Bay Company, Just Eat. Most recently I have cofounded a product called Tempest E-Juice.

Thanks for getting to know me!